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It's your fault

Tue Aug 20, 2013, 8:39 PM
From the desk of Aapis:

Advertising has been around since exactly 1322 and was originally created to convince muggles that the king is actually a good bro.  Citation required.

As I'm sure you all know, ever since then it has become propaganda.  It's so much more than the benign little banners you see occasionally (that nobody ever clicks, yet still makes companies billions of dollars), but I'm sure you already know that.  I know for a fact a lot of you care about your privacy and are actually informed about the issues we internet denizens are facing right now.  NSA, FBI, GCHQ, whoever's doing it, it's bad.  You know it, I know it, James Bond knows it.  But this post isn't about censorship or spying.  This post is about ads.

We are absolutely drowning in advertisements for products that we don't need, want, or can afford.  Again, this is common knowledge, but I've noticed a disturbing trend lately mainly coming from the American users of certain websites.  Not only are you ok with ads, as in you want to see them, but you are willing to enable ad providers by proclaiming that you would rather have things like targeted ads based on an aggregated profile of all the things you like than completely random ads.  You're also ok with ads within paid services, because "they gotta make money too".  This is most prevalent in your TV viewing habits.  You're all a-ok with paying for cable, yet you see about 10 minutes of ads per 30 minutes of showtime.  They're wasting 33% of your time and you just sit there and take it because you get to watch "Game of Thrones" or whatever the latest fad show is.  Your time is already pretty well wasted if you're watching TV, you say?  Probably, but that brings me to my next point.

You are being conditioned to believe that ads are not only necessary, but required in order to use the internet.  No, that is absolutely fucking false.  Lets take Facebook for example.  They have to monetize their platform somehow, so they're just throwing ads in anywhere they can.  Nevermind actually making a service that people are willing to pay for, lets just inundate them with ads and hope they click on some of them.  I've seen a surprising number of people claim that using ad and script blockers is damaging to the websites you're viewing because you aren't giving them the ad revenue.  Excuse me?  Ads completely detract from my viewing experience and you have the gall to tell me that I owe them for the "right" to read things on the internet?  Go fucking die.  You don't deserve the internet.

No company has the right to disrupt my personal time.  It isn't so much THAT there are ads which are intrusive and annoying, that I can live with, rather it is the notion that I owe ad companies something.  Money, they think I owe the ad companies money.  A click every now and then, maybe a survey once a year.  That, my friends, is bullshit.  Ad companies, Google, all the millions of middlemen, make a living off your free time (or not free, if you happen to be at work) and some apologists (a lot of them, apparently) actually believe that we owe them for keeping the internet free.

The internet is not free because some ad exec approves a new campaign promoting Axe Eau d'Testicle Body Spray, it is free because we will not let it fall to the overbearing capitalists who believe we are a product.  Some of us, anyways.  I cannot believe the complacency I see these days.

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bruised--vein Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
*blush* I am/was SaintJimmysTwitch hehe, I know it's ridiculous with all the name changes ><

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